About me

I am currently working with Google Research in image understanding.

Previously, I obtained my Ph.D. degree in December 2015 from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University. I was there working on large-scale image analysis and understanding, under the supervision of Prof. Rong Jin. Besides, I also worked closely with Prof. Anil K. Jain.

Before, I obtained my Ingenieur (equivalent to Master of Engineering) degree in July 2011 from the Signal and Image Processing Department of Telecom ParisTech, France. Previously, I did my undergraduate studies at the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Nanjing University, China.


My research interests are in the area of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval and Data Mining. More specifically, my research focuses on image analysis, image understanding, statistical modeling, optimization and pattern recognition. I also worked on feature extraction, video content analysis and image processing.


01/2016 Joined Google Research, Machine Perception Team
12/2015 Passed the doctoral defense and obtained the Ph.D. degree
02/2015 Passed the comprehensive exam and became a Ph.D. candidate
01/2015 One paper accepted to appear in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP)
06/2014 One paper accepted to appear in ECCV 2014
09/2013 One paper accepted to appear in ICCV 2013